Netix Creates Web Presence

html codeWeb Presence is the establishment of your core identity and marketing mix using the Internet as a driver in delivering your message to the people that matter the most. We believe that it’s important for companies to stand up, stand out, beat their chests, be noticed. 

Web Site Redesign

A web Site is never a finished product. As your business grows, so should your website. With this in mind, Netix offers website redesign that will understand your current needs, anticipate your future needs, and keep your website looking fresh. 

Content Management

Do you need to keep your web Site up to date but don’t have the tools or knowledge? Netix’s web-based content management system is the easiest way to update your website while maintaining the structure, look, and feel without needing training or software. Add text, paragraph headers, and resize photos right on the page while maintaining the page integrity! And for the large organizations, ask us about our custom built CMS that can even add navigation on the fly!

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO are internet buzz words. Getting it right means that your web site is easily found when a potential customer searches for your services. The aim is simple – to attract more visitors to your site. These visitors need to be the right ones – they need to be relevant and qualified visitors. You need web traffic that wants to fulfill the aims of your site – to inquire for more details, to download demos, to give you their name and contact details and to place orders and make sales.


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