Network installation services

Network Design and Installation Services

Network DesignWe offer a full range of network services, from design to installation, monitoring and management. Our approach is to provide end-to-end network solutions. We will plan the most efficient way to build a scalable computer network to meet your specific needs. The solution developed is the most cost-effective approach to meet your long-term needs. We also plan and execute upgrades for existing networks. We will guarantee a reliable and secure computer network, fully supported by our engineers, and we can monitor your configuration 24/7.


Network Infrastructure Design, Deployment & Hardening Services Overview

Our security engineers are experienced in the selection, design and implementation of multiple security technologies. Whether you are looking to re-engineer your infrastructure, deploy an IDS solution or simply 'harden' existing systems we have the skills to assist your organization. Our team has provided extensive services including: feasibility studies, product selection, rules and policy development, network re-engineering, installation and configuration, report and analysis template development, post implementation security testing, and performance tuning.

  • Secure Architecture Design

Whether initially designing a network or re-architecting an existing network, Netix creates the architecture for your organization's network with security and performance in-mind. Retrofitting security controls into a network that is not architected properly provides less than optimal results. Let Netix assist your organization in maximizing the return on all security investments by assisting in the initial architecture design or by providing recommendations and remediation assistance in correcting existing architecture design flaws.

  • Firewall Design and Deployment

Selecting the proper firewall is one of the most critical security decisions that an organization will face. Netix is a vendor-neutral organization that does not sell any products. This positions Netix to provide you with firewall selection recommendations that are right for your organization. Our decision will never be influenced by our desire to sell a particular product or to meet a quota.

Correctly configuring and deploying firewalls throughout your organization is critical in providing the level of protection that you expect. Netix's team of professionals has extensive experience in configuring and deploying firewalls ranging from enterprise-class to small office. Whether it is rule-base development, logging and alerting configuration or secure remote access, Netix can help.

  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention System Design and Deployment

Deploying properly configured Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems in the correct network locations is critical to identifying and preventing intrusions that could otherwise cause irreparable harm to your organization's assets. Netix's extensive experience with IDS and IPS system deployment and configuration can assist your organization avoid many of the obstacles associated with achieving the maximum performance and functionality of you investment in these systems.

  • High Availability Web Application Infrastructure Design and Deployment

To maintain a stable, reliable web presence that your customers can depend on, your web applications must be available 100% of the time. Redundant servers, applications, and databases must be deployed in a manner that is capable of providing uninterrupted service in the face of unanticipated events. Netix can help you achieve this goal by designing and deploying a highly available web application infrastructure.

  • Systems Hardening

System hardening is one of the most effective methods of preventing information security breaches. By disabling unnecessary services and accounts and removing excessive permissions, many potential avenues for attack are closed to would-be hackers. Whether it is hardening existing production systems or establishing secure build documentation for new systems, Netix has the expertise necessary to assist you.

  • Identity Management

Managing user accounts in a complex, heterogeneous environment proves a constant challenge for even the most mature IT organizations. Any experienced IT professional knows that one of the most challenging roadblocks to achieving compliance with industry and government regulations involves successfully provisioning and disabling user accounts and ensuring that they are compliant with organizational password policies. Netix provides a range of Identity Management services including: product selection, deployment planning, product configuration, and implementation that help your organization efficiently overcome these roadblocks.

  • Logging Solutions

Netix’s position as a leader in compliance management solutions uniquely positions us to manage logging-related compliance initiatives. By understanding the exact requirements necessary to achieve and sustain compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and VISA PCI, Netix is best able to assist you with your log management needs. Netix provides a range of log management services including log management product selection, creation of log retention strategies, and configuration of leading log management solutions. Take advantage of the combined compliance and technical competencies of Netix to maximize the benefits you receive from your investment in a log management solution.


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